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group5With over fifty-five years of combined experience, Hazley Builders offers reliable and attentive service. We are a multi-generational family business that has grown into a successful partnership between our employees and our clients. We are filled with multi-talented and multi-tasking people that know how to get the job done. We take great pride in our people, who are our most valued asset. Each employee plays a vital role in the company and are committed to high standards using the finest materials and best techniques, while always providing excellent customer service. We work hard, together with our contractors, to deliver you the most desired home building or renovation experience. Our values continue to be the foundation for who we are, what we do, and how we operate.


Michael Hazley Sr


Mike J. Hazley, Sr.
President and CEO
Mike has been using his award-winning experience in the building community as a foundation to propel his family-owned business forward. With over 35 years of experience, his direction and strategy provides the quality craftmanship and excellent customer service that Hazley Builders is known for. Mike remains personally involved in each project, ensuring that each of his customers receive the attention they deserve. Mike's vision and values have steered Hazley Builders into a class unto itself.




Michael Hazley Jr


Michael J. Hazley, Jr.
Project Manager
Michael has been in the building industry for over ten years and is the go-to guy for any question you may have about your new construction or rennovation project. Michael prides himself in his problem-solving skills and being able to manage projects swiftly and thoroughly. Michael oversees performance of all trade contractors and makes sure that all specifications and regulations are being followed. It isn't often you will find Michael on a job site without his canine assistant, Hank. Hank and Michael are a constant presence throughout your building process.



Matthew Hazley


Matthew Hazley
Project Manager
Matt has been with Hazley Builders for over twelve years. He brings a competent technical aspect to any job that needs completion. Matt's niche has been finding creative building solutions that save time and bring the client savings. He is constantly prepared for any situation that may arise. Matt is extremely hard working; often times he is the first person on the job and the last one to leave. He coordinates and supervises the construction process from the development stage through final construction, making sure that the project gets done on time and within budget.





Patrick Hazley
Project Manager
Patrick is the newest Hazley brother to join Hazley Builders. He brings fresh, new ideas to the business. Patrick ensures that every contractor has their materials in a timely fashion and is the go to person for whatever is needed to make the project run smoothly. He has the unique ability to adapt to changing demands and priorities. He takes an active role in assuring the customer is satisfied until the completion of each job and thereafter.




Alex Nedeoglo


Aleks Nedeoglo
Master Carpenter
Aleks has been with Hazley Builders for four years and has an admirable work ethic. He has many skills and a high experience level. He has an extensive knowledge of residential construction and remodeling trades, techniques, tools and equipment. He is a detail-oriented person and extremely organized. Alex is very personable and a welcome addition at any home building project.






Andrei Semenyuk
Master Carpenter
Andrei has been with Hazley Builders for over three years and always greets everyone with a smile. He is highly talented with an outstanding knowledge of carpentry. His attention to detail on every project sets him apart in this industry. Andrei is known to never present problems, only solutions. He gets all the carpentry needs of the job done within a timely manner and with aesthetic success.




Hank Harry


Hank & Harry Hazley
Canine Assistants
Hank and Harry have been at Hazley Builders for almost eight years. They are the official greeters to all visitors to the office. Most days Hank can be found with Michael surveying the progress at the job sites, while Harry has a busy afternoon napping or sniffing around for treats from his co-workers.